Chief of Staff

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CT is a leading technology company, providing innovation and engineering services in the aeronautical, space, marine, automotive, railway, energy and industrial plant sectors. CT pushes the boundaries of technology through innovation, and takes efficiency to another level by covering the entire product lifecycle, from design and manufacturing to after-sales support. With more than 30 years of experience, CT's success today is driven by more than 1,800 expert engineers spread across seven countries, on three continents.

At CT, we have always experienced sustained growth as the direct result of the commitment and excellence of our employees, the long-term relationship with our customers and suppliers, and our “walk the talk” moto. To continue this trajectory, we are searching for a Chief of Staff to be our CEO’s right hand and the work closely with the Executive Committee and management team.

We are thinking of someone with two years’ experience in Consulting or internal corporate development/strategy. As COS, he/she will have a holistic view of the organization, understanding how each decision affects the different business´s and how policies translate into real actions. He will have an impact on our productivity by streamlining strategic initiatives, overseeing program management, and communicating objectives to departments on behalf of the CEO. As CoS he/she will provide a buffer between the CEO and that executive's direct-reporting team.

This is a position that challenges, enriches and offers the opportunity to grow personally, and to significantly influence the course of an organization after sometime. The candidate must be able to see the big picture and understand how different pieces fit into the company's overall strategy. Must have writing and verbal communications skills to convey ideas clearly and concisely to different audiences. Additionally, he must possess strong emotional intelligence to manage diverse interpersonal relationships and navigate internal political dynamics.

As COS, he/she will face challenging situations that require quick and accurate judgment. Confidentiality and integrity are equally important, as this role will involve handling sensitive information.

In practice, he serves as an air traffic controller for the leader; as an integrator connecting work streams that would otherwise remain siloed; as a communicator linking the leadership team and the broader organization; as an honest broker and truth teller when the leader needs a wide-ranging view without turf considerations; and as a confidant without an organizational agenda.

  • CEO´s personal timekeeper, orchestrating their schedule and planning essential travels
  • Strategic Plan process owner, manages day-to-day relationship with consulting company, drives the completion of internal tasks with Country Managers and Business Unit Managers, helps prepare internal updates and documentation
  • Helping to keep meetings focused and planning and coordinating them effectively.
  • Follows CT´s dashboard and KPIs and reports back to the CEO on relevant issues. Providing hands-on support to transform ideas into reality, monitoring third progress
  • Acts on behalf of the CEO to answer inquiries. Following up on various business initiatives and projects from genesis to fruition

- Education: College degree or FPII

- Experience: 2 years in Consulting or internal corporate development/strategy experience preferred

  • Project Mgmt skills: well organized and disciplined, attention to detail, and thorough follow-up to ensure the desired result
  • Understands and manages important internal and CEO relationships
  • Builds quick and deep understanding of CT, the business, and strategy and is able to describe at a high level
  • Attending specific operational meetings and reporting back
  • Tuned in to what is happening in the teams, office, etc.
  • Fluent in Spanish, English, and ideally French
  • Multitasking, likes variety in their work and is flexible
  • Integrity and discretion, will deal with a lot of professional and personal confidential information
  • Humble and builds trust, makes people want to help/work with her, don´t just do things because she works for the CEO
  • Has character, can stand up for him/herself and the CEO
  • Good judgement able to prioritize and react to situations with appropriate urgency
  • Knows when to raise a hand/red flag for things CEO must know
  • Able to speak up when thinks I´m doing something wrong or could be improved
  • Forward looking thinker, actively seeks opportunities and proposes solutions
  • Team-player, empathetic and benevolent
  • Curious person, wants to improve things and dives in to details
  • Very strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build relationships/rapport with stakeholders, including President, Managers, E.A.s, employees, board members, and external partners

- The role demands ability to resolve issues outside work hours on occasion and sporadic travel