Female Residence Educator SEK EL CASTILLO

  • Villafranca
  • Institución Educativa Sek
SEK El Castillo needs to incorporate a Female Residence Educator for Inmediate Incorporation in the Boarding School cycle.   MISSION :  Cultivate a welcoming and stimulating environment where students can grow, learn and develop fully and promote values of collaboration, respect and diversity. FUNCTIONS :  Mentoring   Control the work time of the students, valuing their individual effort.  Inform families of the student's work in residence, as well as their behavior and level of coexistence.  Advise, and in some cases determine, the distribution of work and leisure time for weekends.  Maintain interviews and work meetings with the tutors of the resident students, on an occasional or periodic basis.  Educate habits and behaviors of their students, as well as correct certain behaviors when necessary.  Control the personal schedule of their students in the different activities and studies.  To know the medical reports of their students.  Maintain personal interviews or telephone contacts with the families when requested, respecting the established schedules.  Academic and cultural   Assist in the resolution of any doubts that students may have during their directed study time.  Provide curricular and complementary activities that contribute to the integral formation of the student.  To orient and inform about the most important cultural and current events that are of interest to their group of students.  Facilitate attendance to sporting and cultural events that, outside the school, may be of interest to their students, organizing and accompanying them, if necessary, by public or school transportation.  Accompaniment and guardianship  To perform the duties in the residence, recreation areas and dining room, according to the schedule established for each academic year.  To be responsible for the order and operation of the residence during night shifts.           4.  Administration  Monitor and keep updated the status of each student's residence fund accounts, respecting the indications of the families (Wednesday night).  Deliver the corresponding weekly allowance to the students (Thursday night).  To present duly filled out the vouchers that the students need to make different payments throughout the course: excursions, parties, material, trips, pharmacy and telephone for the months of May, June and during the summer course, as well as specific and extraordinary situations of each course.  Organize and control the use of laundry services: delivery (Monday and Wednesday evenings) and collection of clothes from students.  To take care of elementary medical emergencies.  Control all absences from the residence of their students as well as the means of departure and return both during the week and on weekends.  To inform of the needs of maintenance, damages, furniture, etc. of the residence, by means of daily informative reports (fixed day: Monday and when a particular damage is noticed).  To check and guarantee the order and cleanliness of the rooms and closets by means of daily inspections, as well as the cleanliness and clothing of the students during the week and on weekends.        5. Teamworking  To collaborate with fellow residents and teachers of the school.  To participate in meetings and professional development opportunities, as well as other school and institutional events.  Be willing to participate, cooperate and possibly lead other initiatives in the school related to the development of school culture, leadership among students and promotion of school values, such as projects, field trips, events, as a way to effectively meet the personal, social (wellness) and academic needs of students and staff. REQUIREMENTS :  College degree.  Desirable: Science profile. Experience in international contexts.  Experience in a similar position. Previous experience working with young people. Level C1 English. Ability to communicate in Spanish. Office package management. WE OFFER:  Contract: Permanent.  Schedule: 16h – 00h