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ENTER A NEW ADVENTURE IN THE WORLD OF MOBILE DEVELOPMENT! Do you have experience in mobile app development for iOS or Android and want to take your capabilities a step further? Our intensive Kotlin Multiplatform training will open the door to the revolutionary world of shared code. Learn not only to code, but also to understand the essence of multiplatform development and gain a competitive edge in the market.   WHAT WILL THIS TRAINING BRING FOR YOU? During this training, we will dive into the world of multi-platform development with a focus on mobile applications. You will learn the principles that make Kotlin Multiplatform an effective tool for implementing native apps. After completing this course, you will understand not only HOW Kotlin Multiplatform technology works, but more importantly WHY to choose it and what it entails. You will not only learn about the technical side, but we will also cover the composition of a multiplatform team and project management of multiplatform development.   WHO IS BEHIND THIS? So you know you're not buying a pig in a poke, we'll briefly introduce our lecturer, Pavel Sveda . More than 13 years ago, Pavel started as one of the first members of the mobile team on the very first mobile development project at Qinshift. Pavel has developed several smart banking apps for major banks, apps for operators, navigation for truckers and more. He has been working on Kotlin Multiplatform technology since its inception and has been successfully applying it on projects at Qinshift since 2020. Pavel is convinced that the way to success is through efficiency, which is why he is heavily involved in Kotlin Multiplatform. He believes that iOS and Android developers should form an inseparable team and Kotlin Multiplatform is the right tool.     WHAT SKILLS YOU SHOULD HAVE? You should have experience developing in Kotlin or mobile applications for Android or iOS, including familiarity with Swift. Be eager to learn new things and open to changing some old habits. The training will be conducted by Pavel in English. To get a glimpse of what we will cover each day, visit the MobileIT blog for a detailed agenda.   KEY POINTS It's going to be intense! Three interactive online training sessions will take place on three consecutive Wednesdays (10, 17, 24 April 2024) from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM . The training will run online via the Microsoft Teams platform so you can conveniently participate from the comfort of your home. Handouts, presentations, and sample code will be provided throughout the training on the GitHub platform. These materials will help you better understand and practically apply Kotlin Multiplatform. The price for the whole training is 2 000 CZK/80 EUR/85 USD and is paid in one lump sum. A recording will be provided after the training so you can come back to it at any time to review key information. Please note that payment and other details will be provided on your email additionally, once you apply. Additionally, if you are interested after the training, we offer the option of private consultations with the trainer where you can clarify questions and get advice for your own projects.