Virtual HR Assistant with experience/knowledge in Sales and/or Customer Service

  • Málaga
  • Coach4expats
Created to change the Headhunting and Recruitment approach, we want to improve the candidate experience and be close to the candidates and companies to find the best match. Job Overview: The Virtual HR Assistant with experience/knowledge in Sales and/or Customer Service will play a key role in the company, providing administrative and operational support to ensure the success of daily functions related to promptly responding to emails from candidates interested in our Career and Vocational Guidance services for expatriates and individuals wishing to emigrate from their home countries and/or who have already emigrated. This involves advising them properly on the service package that best suits their needs, closing sales with these clients, and performing administrative tasks to ensure an optimal level of service. The role also entails liaising with Career Counselors when additional follow-up is necessary. Additionally, this role involves collaborating with the Headhunters team and various projects related to Human Resources. Responsibilities: Assist in responding to emails from potential clients, informing them of the points to correct in their CVs, and suggesting the service package that best fits their budget and needs. Empathizing with the person's situation is essential: people who write to us may be going through a difficult time due to unemployment, and we must know how to handle these situations properly so that they find support in us. Perform operational tasks related to the administrative management of new clients: monitor payments made and provide alternative payment methods, create personalized folders, send welcome emails, keep records of all our clients, and verify the status of each process. Suggest improvements in current processes to enhance the quality of services provided. Interact with Career Counselors and headhunters when necessary to ensure smooth workflow and prompt attention and response to clients. Pay close attention to new projects and internal communications to avoid issues in the execution of assigned tasks. Follow up with clients who have paid for the service but have not yet started using it by their own decision. Respond to client inquiries and assist in problem resolution. Perform operational and analytical tasks related to Human Resources, Career Coaching, Mentoring, Talent Attraction, etc. Collaborate frequently with the IT, Marketing, and Social Media teams. Desire to learn new tasks and choose which other Career Coaching and Headhunting projects to participate in. Requirements: Student or graduate in Human Resources or related field. Profiles that have emigrated and have gone through the process of job searching abroad will be prioritized. Previous experience in administrative and commercial roles related to HR. Solid knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Canva, and other Artificial Intelligence tools. Excellent verbal and written communication skills in both Spanish and English. Ability to work effectively in a team and manage multiple tasks simultaneously. Meticulous attention to detail. Customer orientation, sales, and problem-solving skills. Teamwork and continuous improvement mindset. Autonomous, curious, and self-taught profile. Collaborative profile, capable of asking for help when unsure how to proceed with a task and coordinating with the team appropriately.   Preference living in the Europe time zone. Benefits: 100% remote and freelance work. Hourly fee for worked hours. Flexible work, without fixed hours: you assess how many hours you work per day and when you want to connect and disconnect. Opportunities for professional development and growth. Collaborative, dynamic, and multicultural work environment.   Our Core values at Coach4expats ️ Transparency: We believe in transparent and smooth recruitment processes. You will get feedback from us. ️ Candidate experience: Perfect blend between automated and humanized recruitment processes. Don't hesitate to ask us for feedback, anytime. ️ Talented pool: We bring highly-skilled motivated candidates to our clients. Our candidates match their company values and management style. ️ Diversity and inclusion: There is no place for discrimination and intolerance. We care about diversity awareness and respect for any differences.